Saturday, June 9, 2012

Never a Dull Moment...

I pretty much figured no updates here for a few weeks, maybe a month or more, but, no, never a dull moment. Tuesday morning Daniel woke up saying he felt like he was fighting off a bug. It's been quite a while since any of us had a cold or flu & to get one so late in the season is a bit unusual. Also he is usually one of the last to catch a bug as I or one of my kids usually catch it first, but this time he was the first victim.

By Tuesday night the cough had set in & made his already poor sleep due to "Restless Movement Syndrome" tons worse, keeping him from a sound sleep all night. To add insult to injury his knee locked up for the first time. Although I have been fighting lockups for over a year now, Daniel has managed to escape them... until now. A joint locking up may seem minor to other Marf's (many of them fight them for years even before diagnosis) but this could be major issue for Daniel. If it was an isolated lockup then no problem. If his knee joint is weakening to the point where it will lockup regularly, his daily walks may have to be reduced or stopped. This could have detrimental effects as he also has coronary artery disease & hypertension on top of the Marfan's, and the cardiologists believe part of why he is 11 years post surgery with no new CAD blockages is due in part by him continuing to take almost walks. If he has to give them up...<shutter>...

Anyway, by Thursday the bug had really gone a hold of him & the cough was heading straight for his chest. Because he has already had issues with prior acute bronchitis we headed into the doc, and sure enough, no pneumonia (it didn't really sound that bad anyway) but bronchitis appeared to be settling in. Inhaler & cough syrup with codeine (because of another issue we are trying really hard to avoid antibiotics). Praying it does the trick!

The other fun for the week is that Daniel's eyes are VERY overdue for an exam are finally getting looked at this month. We have been noticing for months he has been having a harder time seeing, so we will be going to the ophthalmologist to get a look. I have a hunch he will be joining the 4 eyes crowd.

I was a bad girl tonight. The garden bug bit me tonight &
that yard looked like a wreck, so out I went to play in the garden, much to the dismay of my blown CMC (carpometacarpal) joint... OUCH!!! It does looks better though! :-/